About us





My mother, Lucille, loved desserts such as deep dish fruit pies, sweet potato pies, towering three-layer cakes with homemade frosting and heavenly pound cakes (sometimes lemon, sometimes plain, with or without a fine dust of confectioner’s sugar). Not only did she love to eat them, she loved to bake them. She was a fine baker and the kitchen became her domain, where she created, altered, and experimented with recipes.

She wanted everyone to be able to taste and experience her heavenly creations. Thankfully, her baking gift was passed on to me and “Lucille’s Dream” has become a reality. At Lucille’s Dream, we don’t cut corners. Simply, we make good cakes. We offer a cornucopia of rich cakes. We strive for perfection. Each cake is lovingly and carefully prepared from scratch with wholesome, organic ingredients. And that, as Lucille would say, “makes for good eating.” — Renée