It's often said that the best cakes and pies are light, but the word light doesn't even begin to describe the baked goods that emerge from Renee's kitchen. Her desserts would be light even in an area of infinite gravity, like a black hole in space. Her lemon cheesecake has a hint of tartness, just he right amount so that it doesn't overwhelm you. Her vegan chocolate cake is a wonder of nature. How does she create this sort of delight without ingredients like butter? And her red velvet cake. . . .even a talented wordsmith like Shakespeare would suffer from a severe case of writer's block if he tried to do justice to this dessert.


New MIlford, NJ

The best in the land. Jump on the bandwagon before it is too late. You'll love it.


Brooklyn, NY

Cakes from Lucille's Dream are a dream come true for all the senses: all of the desserts look sumptuous with icing cakes sporting silky smooth toppings melding seamlessly with the cake below. It only takes one bite to know that the sweet smell of the desserts was not an illusion. Finally, it's always a relief to hear that more cakes are forthcoming! I especially recommend the vegan chocolate cake, coconut cupcakes, red velvet cake, and carrot cake. Enjoy!!!


Harlem, NY

I love the vegan chocolate cake. It tastes great. It tastes lie the real chocolate cake. It is slamming good.


Jamaica, NY

Renee's cakes are absolutely the best in the world. Until I ate her homemade goodies, I didn't even eat sweets. Well, that's changed. . .Lemon Pound Cake, Chocolate Vegan Cake, and her apple pie makes my head swim with joy and that's no lie! Peace.


Manhattan, NY